Draw somewhere else ...

Let us move you in the right direction.
Better understanding of the social plan resulting from a restructuring towards a new horizon before or after termination: reflection worth sharing.
I study the possible routes to open you, and enhance your personal balance sheet with my expertise of the assessment.

Let's talk about your desire for professional development.
Turn the page of a long career or a difficult experience, wake up a project dear to your heart, know all the parameters of the market you are trying : Repair the house before it rains.
I offer a powerful approach to compare and consolidate your skills, your references, your temperament with your ambition.

Let us restore outplacement to human.
You expect your employees being made redundant a rapid return to a job that fits their experience and their ambition? You refute design marketing outplacement practiced on an industrial scale?
You prefer a personal appropriation of the project over a frank talk and constructive steps?
I associate you with a customized service: a practical procedure and communications tools, meet your expectations, and respects the dignity of everyone.

Rationalize the recruitment process of international industrial group

Assessment and outplacement vs. non-standard occupation

Create an international vocation site from the ground up.

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