Help your first step in the company.

We adopt an operational method. For the manager, the candidate - involving the human resources manager - transfer the development points in the new function, by means of quantitative and qualitative indicators.
I will give you recommendations tailored to your specific case.

Let's help the new entrants to start competing. Prepare his immersion in a real situation, initiate the organization of services, the counselor in the grip of the position: the best company is that everyone feel at ease quickly.
I enrich your thinking about how to succeed in this transplant.

Let’s privilege the proximity. give advise in the development of support framework (monitoring indicator, tutoring, coaching integration) to anticipate the vagaries of adaptation, over a frank, regular talk, melt in the culture of the company : everyone express her/his full potential capacity .
I will accompany you for that you can get a job with full confidence.

An executive undertake reorientation with atypical ambition

Create an international vocation site from the ground up.

Adapt team-building to create a new industrial site

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