Let's explore human resources together. And find gold nuggets!

Identify the career you want. Verification of current situation, internal diagnostics, customer survey, process analysis, discovery of the company ?
With our expertise we could offer appropriate solutions

Get over any obstacle :Integrate the corporate culture, understand and respect local specificities of a new territory, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a job or task serenely.
I can help you build the action plan.

Let’s seek innovative solutions together. we must ask ourselves the fundamental questions. Try out a new configuration, try a new organizational chart, try that people are still reluctant…you should think outside the box.
By combining audacity with pragmatism, we care able to keep our promises.

Create an international vocation site from the ground up.

An executive undertake reorientation with atypical ambition

Assessment and outplacement vs. non-standard occupation

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