Facilitate the promotion by arresting all its dimensions.

Broader responsibilities, greater exposure, different environment: the promotion is a reward that often generates its own requirements.
I assist you to protect yourself from any hazards real or perceived.

Get a change results from a peaceful evolution.
Discovery another subject or immersion in new role: the best potential will take its brands in the world opens to him.
I accompany you to reduce the gaps and find solid benchmark in a special development path suited to your.

Let expatriate preparation ensure your risks are minimized.
Follow the same path but to change culture, obtain reassurance when far away : live and work elsewhere require a methodical plan to get adaptation soon.
I invite you to take advantage of my long international experience, in contact with many different cultures (Eastern Europe, China, Russia) through my local network ...

Assessment and outplacement vs. non-standard occupation

Create an international vocation site from the ground up.

Adapt team-building to create a new industrial site

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