Let’s enhance your performance of your processes together.

Let’s improve sourcing practices together. A touch of innovation, a sprinkling of new ideas, a look at what is done better elsewhere, around the world : enough to identify inspired junior or experienced senior and their expectations.
I advise you to find the best source.

Let us fix our eyes on the selection. Use conventional tools in different ways, involve the manager in the selection process, fix the content of the interview, properly interpret job description, develop a comprehensive handbook of recruitment : Sharpen your judgment and discover your tastes.
I will direct you towards your development path.

We emphasize the qualification. Adopt straight and realistic talk, clarify this description to give more truth, involve the candidate and the manager to our mission : transparency is a guarantee of efficiency, and the basic working mechanism is the tripartite dialogue with the purpose of exchanging information.
Just make your Owen decision.

Rationalize the recruitment process of international industrial group

Adapt team-building to create a new industrial site

Create an international vocation site from the ground up.

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